*All participants are required to wear closed toe shoes.


We provide axes for all throwers. Personal axes must be inspected by staff to ensure safety protocols are met. NO big axes unless owner approval on designated lanes.


1 thrower in a lane at a time. Our lanes have center divider walls so there is no safety concern for adjacent lanes.


After the axe is thrown, participants are permitted to cross the throwing and safety lines to retrieve their axes. If your axe sticks, pull it up first, then out to unstick it. Do not stand directly in front of the axe when removing it.


everyone in the building MUST have a valid waiver on file regardless of participation or spectating.


Ages 10 & up are able to throw. We ask that younger children not old enough to throw should not attend evening/busy hours for safety concerns.

Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver for them. Minor participants must have an adult 18+ present at all times. One throwing adult per every 3 minors is required. For party bookings with more than ten minor participants, there MUST be at least 3 adults (not drinking alcohol) to supervise their party.


Prior to each event or reservation, axes are inspected to ensure the best quality is provided for your axe throwing experience. All blades are maintained and sharpened enough to stick to the target.


Poplar boards are used, all targets are sprayed with water to reduce chipping or splitting of the board. This measure ensures the axes stick properly and provides the best target options. Regular maintenance and replacement of boards is standard in our facilty.


Fencing divides our lanes to ensure throwers and axes are contained. Only the thrower and the axe throwing coach are allowed inside the lane at one time.


Each event is assigned a trained axe throwing coach who will cover safety, demonstrate proper techniques of throwing and run games. Coaches monitor the overall safety of the event, they may also provide tips in order to make your throwing experience top notch!

Every participant MUST be present for safety brief and instruction.

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